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Aaron Lindenberg’s warm, intimate pop songs defy easy categorization. Equally influenced by synth pop, folk and R&B, he sings about self-love and relationships over an ever-changing musical palate. Since moving to Brooklyn, NY in 2015, he has created a steady output as a genre-hopping singer-songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist.

Born in Worcester, Massachusetts, Aaron Lindenberg pursued piano and voice lessons at a young age, and started writing his own songs soon after. His debut EP, 2015's "Ugly Things" showcased his lyrical prowess and vocal arrangements over lush, organic R&B. Subsequent singles "Friend" and “You” established a glowing new direction of anthemic, electronic pop.

Aaron’s latest EP, "Summer," glides fearlessly between bright synthetic funk, experimental soundscapes and layered acoustics. Recorded in the aftermath of a near-fatal car accident that left him house-ridden for an entire summer, the record shimmers with optimism and vulnerability. "Summer" is the sound of light at the end of the tunnel.